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Integrated Mobile Air Separator

Integrated Mobile Air Separator

Specification : Integrated Mobile Air Separator 

The mobile air separator consists of the main body separator and settlement unit and the lower moving tire frame. According to the aerodynamic principle, the equipment uses air as the sorting medium to separate the materials by density and the size of the particles, which is  also based on the settlement law of the solid waste in the air, thereby achieving the purpose of classification, recycling and reuse.

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JONO Environment,is an engineering company as well as a manufacturer of equipment specializing in waste treatment technology. JONO was founded in 2006, located in Suzhou, with a floor area of 27,000m2 . JONO has totally more than 200 employees, more than 80 professional talents in R&D team. JONO has more than 100 patents. JONO has introduced German waste sorting technology, Austrian separating technology, Italy biological treatment technology.

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