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Changshu Construction Waste Treatment Project

The daily treatment capacity of this project is 2000 tons. The purpose of this project is to deal with the mixed construction and decoration waste dump accumulated in Yuanjiang plot of Changshu City. Components of the dump are extremely complex, including construction waste, decoration waste, MSW, industrial waste, large garbage, landscaping waste and hazardous waste. Based on the garbage disposal mode of building decoration in developed countries and the actual situation of our country, this project has realized the multi-nationalization of the standard project concept, process design and treatment equipment in developed countries. The project integrates decoration garbage disposal line, construction garbage disposal line and bulky garbage disposal line, and carries out targeted and coordinated disposal of all kinds of garbage in the dump. Through reducing and recycling of garbage, high-quality building aggregates, metals and combustibles were selected. Then through the end disposal methods such as aggregate deep processing, metal reuse and combustible incineration, the reduction and resource utilization of mixed refuse can be realized to the greatest extent in line with the market positioning and demand. At the same time, the project is equipped with a dust removal and noise reduction system to realize the harmless operation of outdoor working conditions.



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