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Hangzhou Recyclable Waste Mechanical Treatment Project

This project mainly deals with dry waste from MSW. The dry waste and wet waste are separated by the household, then be collected by the collection&transportation company for centralized treatment. This project can handle up to 200 tons of dry waste per day. Through the combination of automatic mechanical sorting and manual sorting, the dry waste is finely sorted into more than 20 kinds, which will be sold as the raw materials to the deep-processing enterprises for resource recycling. This project has a high regional uniqueness, and its difficulty lies in whether the classification and collection of dry waste in the early stage are thorough and whether the market is mature.



A Brief Introduction to JONO

JONO Environment,is an engineering company as well as a manufacturer of equipment specializing in waste treatment technology. JONO was founded in 2006, located in Suzhou, with a floor area of 27,000m2 . JONO has totally more than 200 employees, more than 80 professional talents in R&D team. JONO has more than 100 patents. JONO has introduced German waste sorting technology, Austrian separating technology, Italy biological treatment technology.

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